Teaching Math, Science and Art outdoor

Teaching Math, Science and Art outdoor

17 May 18:00 - 22 May 18:00 - Borensberg
Borensberg, Sweden


- knowledge and methods to teach math, science and craft interdisciplinary ‘out-of-doors’
- a toolbox of ideas for teaching outdoors
- ways to motivate students and to promote health.
- ability to adapt the methods to each ones professional life and place of learning.
- gain knowledge about the theoretical basis of outdoor educational pedagogy, research and literature
- learn about outdoor pedagogy in a cross-cultural perspective and share experience and knowledge with others
- develop a personal activity plan - how to put new knowledge into action back home and how to support the school development in the field of outdoor learning

Nature as a fantastic classroom for learning

18 Aug 18:00 - 23 Aug 18:00 18 Aug 18:00 - 23 Aug 18:00 - Borensberg Borensberg
Borensberg, Sweden Borensberg, Sweden
Develop your skills to teach curriculum content in the outdoors in the school yard, park or in the more wild venue THE COURSE OFFERS YOU TO -to learn how to work with the outdoor...   More info

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