Rock Wave 2018 - Lillan, Luleå

Rock Wave 2018 - Lillan, Luleå

02 Jun 20:00 - 23:30 - Luleå
Lillan Luleå


Då var det dags för Rock Wave 2018!

Kommer bli en grym kväll i vanligt ordning och dessa band som spelar denna kväll är av bra kaliber!

Skeleton Birth, (Boden)
Skeleton Birth plays fast in-your-face-thrash with big focus on the live performance. The feeling you get while listening to the record is at an even higher level on stage and no one in the audience shall be left untouched. Our image is down to earth, personal but rock hard and we take lot’s of pride in being a true live band with no shortcuts.

KVAEN, (Luleå)
Jakob Björnfot från The Duskfalls sidoprojekt.

KVAEN is a soloproject by J. Natas, his debut album features some of metal undergrounds most respected artists as guest musicians. Black Speed Metal with the melancholy of Tornevalley describes the sound of KVAEN. Prepare for WAR!

Jaded Faith, (Nyköping)
Progressive/alt metal .This band may cause illness, death and weird behaviour due to rythm rooted headshaking and not knowing where beat one is! Listening to Jaded Faith is at own risk. Thus are none of the members held responsible for any misadventure.
Mosh responsibly!

50 :- Inträde och ENDAST Swish eller jämna pengar gäller!

Som vanligt kommer det finnas bira och annan akoholhaltig dryck att imundiga under denna kväll

20 årsgräns gäller!

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