From African to Jazz

From African to Jazz

02 Jun 10:00 - 03 Jun 17:00 - Luleå
Luleå, Sweden


Workshop is Canceled!
A sweet combination of West African dancing and Authentic Solo-Jazz. Don't miss the bright nights when the sun never really sets and the sounds of the djembe gets mixed with Goodman's clarinet. 2-3 June, Luleå, Sweden

For one weekend we are going to work on both West African dancing together with Ousmane Camara from Guinea and on Authentic Solo Jazz with us, Åsa and Daniel Heedman. We want to share what we experienced when we started our journey on learning West African dances. We recognized most of the steps that our teacher Abdoulaye Camara did; like Fall of the log, Suzy Q, Appel Jacks... and so on. When we started taking classes in West African dancing a new door was opened. New inspiration and new expressions of "old" steps and a new dimension of the history of this dance that we do - the origin of the Authentic Jazz steps.

We will try to make it 50/50 with Authentic Solo-Jazz and African dancing and we will also try to combined and interlace the the two dances as much as possible.

TEACHERS: Ousmane Camara, Daniel Heedman, Åsa Heedman. Drummer: Abou Camara

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