Satsang - the Mysteries of the Heart

Satsang - the Mysteries of the Heart

18 Mar 18:30 - 21:00 - Malmö
Natha Yoga Center - Malmö


Satsang – Mysteries of the Heart
- With special guest Chloe Hünefeld (Germany)


Welcome to a heartfelt satsang where Chloe will guide you into the mysteries of the heart, answering in a spontaneous, intuitive way to questions that might arise in relation to the spiritual heart. This is not a lecture, but an inspired heart-to heart dialogue, where knowledge is not just facts, but an inspiring, alive impulse towards awakening, towards higher consciousness and more heartful living. The evening will also include meditation on the spiritual heart.

The spiritual heart

The spiritual heart is a concept that exists in all spritiual traditions, and is something else than the physical heart. It is considered to be the center of our existence, the seat of the soul. The middle, in between the so called heaven and earth, the spiritual and material. The heart has the capacity to embrace all and everything, bringing meaning to our existence. The major expression of the heart is love. When we love we feel naturally centered, alive, awake and fulfilled. Living from the heart means living fully in the present moment, where we become one with life. It makes us feel naturally and unconditionally joyful, and in its deepest essense the heart reveals to us the most profound mysteries of who we truly are.

“In the middle of my Heart,
a star appeared,
and the seven heavens were lost
in its brilliance.” – Rumi

About the teacher:
Chloe is one of the most experienced teacher in Europe today with a vast knowledge of yoga, tantra, karma yoga, meditation, natural healing, ayurveda, kashmir shivaism and others. She regularly keeps courses, workshops, retreats around the world, having her base as coordinator of the Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga, a flourishing spiritual center in the heart of Berlin. She is also one of the main organizers of the European International Yoga Congress as well as the main coordinator of worldwide yoga events during International Yoga Day within Atman Federation.
Chloe is known for her brilliant way of bridging ancient knowledge to modern mans needs, in a playful, mysterious, highly intelligent and witty way. Her motherly warmth combined with profound wisdom and spiritual intelligence makes her able to reach through the mind into the heart of her audience.

Free donation. Limited amount of places

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