Wisdom of the Enneagram - Weekend Seminar

Wisdom of the Enneagram - Weekend Seminar

16 Mar 18:00 - 18 Mar 22:00 - Malmö
Natha Yoga Center - Malmö


A seminar of self-discovery, journeying through your own personality and all which lies beyond

16th-18th of march
- With Chloe Hünefeld (Germany)

The path of self-revelation is asking from us to look closer: Discover your own personality with the help of the enneagram wisdom! Recognize the rigid mechanisms of thinking, feeling and acting, learn to understand them and dissolve them gradually. Learn to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your fellow human beings. The enneagram gives us a solution model for all inner and outer conflicts, enabling us to better togetherness in personal and professional relationships. This is how the highest inner potential of each and every being is showing itself – which is unique and complete.

In a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere and a heartful togetherness we will intensely discover the enneagram system. All 9 personality types are described in detail and are presented through experiential and multimedia examples. Each participant will encounter throughout the course his own personality type together with the sublime soul energy which works beyond it. This is how we open up for the individual beauty which is part of each and every one of us. Through meditations for each personality type and creative exercises the dealing with it becomes a spiritual journey which enlivens the soul and helps us to deal in a constructive way with the newly discovered knowledge about u s and the rest. Each participant receives a detailed script which makes it easy to internalize this precious knowledge and also to later on be able to work with these newly acquired tools.

The focus in this enneagram weekend is on the identifying of one’s own pattern of behavior and the loving and creative overcoming of it towards our biggest potential – our soul!

• Language: The workshop will be held in English
• Location: Natha Yoga Center Malmö, Celsiusgatan 29
• Meals will be provided at additional cost (see below)
• Simple accommodation can be provided in the yogacenter (you need to bring your own sleepingbag) at a cost of 40kr/night (4E)

- Early bird (until 25th of February):
1400kr for the entire course

- After 25th of February:

(Natha students receive an additional 200 kr discount when paying the early bird price)

- Fee for students from Atman federation from Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Iceland, Russia, students from other continents : 850kr (no early bird discount)


We will provide snack (tea and refreshments) free of charge.
Saturday and Sunday we provide lunch - at the cost of 85 kr/meal
(Meals has to be signed up latest 12th of march)

Sign-ups at info@natha.se

Please note that only once the fee is fully transferred in our bank account, we can ensure to availability to a place in the seminar. A sign-up notification email is not enough alone.

Sign up by paypal, swish or bankgiro. After you pay, please send us a notification through email to confirm.

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