Designgalleriet "Soft Walk"

Designgalleriet "Soft Walk"

14 Mar 17:00 - 20:00 - Stockholm
Designgalleriet Kammakargatan


Stockholm based Designgalleriet which has recently morphed into a mobile gallery and pop-up shop will present its first exhibition Soft Walk, March 14-18, 2018 in the temporary exhibition place at Sergels Torg, Stockholm. Soft Walk is a collection of sustainably produced carpets designed by the founder of Designgalleriet, trend expert Stefan Nilsson.

Produced in cooperation with Finnish Mum’s the collection consists initially of carpets that spell out the words ‘swag’, ‘bruh’, and ‘gurl’ in a retro-70s inspired bold graphic typeface. Additionally, one can also commission a personalized carpet which incorporates unique names or words in the same graphic style.

The name Soft Walk conveys the soft texture of the carpets, but there is further meaning behind the design. Slang for ‘to chill out’ Soft Walk’s three chosen words are also associated with youth and LGBTQ culture. The inspiration is urban, recalling how creatures of the night dare to enjoy life.

‘Swag struts proudly, originating from the 60s LGBTQ parties where S.W.A.G. was supposed to be the abbreviation - an acronym - for Secretly We Are Gay. Bruh originates from ‘brother’ and just like Gurl something you fondly call a friend. Gurl was also originally misspelt deliberately among transvestites, just as these feminine creatures too were spelt in a different way, if you will.

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