Running Dinner with SUS

Running Dinner with SUS

14 Mar 18:00 - 22:00 - Stockholm

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Hey local and international students!
Do you want to meet new people, have a three course meal and fun at the same time? Curious? Then you should definitely join this event! Don´t worry it´s not running and eating at the same time. You just sign up with your group of three people and have the different courses at different kitchens. You will either prepare appetizers or the main course with your group for six people (your group and another one). As a guide value you should spend around 200-300 SEK, but it´s up to you. You will start eating the first course at 6 pm and go to the next kitchen at 7.30 pm for the main course. The desert is waiting for you in Bojan at 9!

To register for this amazing event you have to fill out a form by using the following link:

Deadline to sign up is Tuesday 13th of March at 12 pm

You need to give the names of your group members and which kitchen in Lappis you are going to use. Please be aware that you need to use a Lappis kitchen to participate, since otherwise the distances are too far. If no one of your group has a kitchen in Lappis, just ask us and maybe we can arrange something for you!
Contact us at:

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Your Student Union
If you have any questions:
This event is organised by the the Ambassadors and the International Unit from Student Union @ Stockholm University. Become our member:

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