Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

20 Oct 09:00 - 21 Oct 16:00 - Stockholm
Touch Center


24 - 25 November

Welcome to a lovely weekend for body and soul at Mindful Yoga in Gothenburg. A weekend you won't forget anytime soon. A dive into pleasure, presence and love.

You can come with a partner, a friend or yourself and be paired up with different participants in the workshop. During the workshop you will give each other powerful tantric massage which makes you more sensitive and light, sensual, tantric massage. You choose yourself if you want to be fully clothed or naked and maybe the massage will give you the experience of energy orgasms.

Tantra Massage is about surrendering and being able to receive fully as much as it is about giving unconditionally. Being brave and coming real close to your partner and opening up for vulnerability and longing as much for power and strength. Maybe you have never been as close to anyone as you will be during this weekend.

The workshop is also about exploring the sexual energy as a force for creation, as a driving force in all that you do in life and synchronize your priorities with your longing and desires. Through the meditations and exercises we do, we let go of old rehearsed patterns, we open the body for orgasmic energy and the healing force that comes through pleasure.

Many people that tries tantric massage is surprised over how much ​conscious touch can release and heal, how many suppressed feelings which are opened and how beautiful it is to finally feel. To be held in vulnerability, pleasure and ecstasy brings you closer to your partner and makes you more safe in yourself as a person.

This workshop suits both beginners and advanced, but you will need an open mind as we are working with very powerful energy during the weekend. Therefore we ask you to send a mail where you tell us briefly about yourself and what inspires you to do tantra and to learn more about tantric an energetic touch.

The workshop is for both singles and couples

Limited amount of participants

Register to: Henscha@Gmail.com

More practical info to come!

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