Dive deep into yoga with Dan Morgan (UK)

Dive deep into yoga with Dan Morgan (UK)

28 Sep 17:00 - 30 Sep 18:30 - Uppsala


Hurray! Dan Morgan is back at Yogahuset! This time he is here for a deep dive into yoga.

Attention! Even tough you might get frightened by Dan's advanced yoga pose and the names of the workshops- This is a weekend for ALL LEVELS. Dan has an amazing ability to include everyone and makes what at a first sight seems impossible manageable and fun.

Schedule for the weekend:

Friday 28/9
17.00-19.00 "Twist out the Tension - Free the breath and unravel the spine."

This workshop focuses on releasing tension in the muscles that restrict our breathing, and that limit the movements of our spine - the hips, the shoulders and chest, and the side body.
Join me on the mat for this intelligently sequenced and anatomically conscious fun and explorative workshop. All Levels Welcome.

Saturday 29/9
10.00-11.45 "Master Class: The Full-Body Reboot: A Complete and Balanced Practice."

In this full-body extended vinyasa class, we take the time to work through the entire body - approaching each posture as way to come to a deeper understanding of yourself Physically. Exploring the anatomy + biomechanics of postures as we move, you’ll gain deeper understanding and insight into postures in relation to your unique body and mind.
We will breathe, we will move, we will twist, we will flex, we will extend, we may even float or fly…
This class will activate, stabilise and invigorate - as well as nurture, and allow time for release with a sense of ease as the practice draws to a close.

Join me on the mat for a fully body and mind experience.

12.30-18.30 "Mindful Mobility part 1 and 2"

Starting at the toes and working up to your head, this workshop will cover an array of different stretching techniques. In this workshop, Dan will take you through a full body stretching experience. Incorporating and educating you in various stretching techniques and modalities. This workshop aims to give you a deeper insight into your own body, and how to work with it in a more mindful way. Building a map of the tension areas in your body, and then learning to work with them.

Built from the awareness that each and every human body is different, we have different habitual and holding patterns that effect our bodies and the way we move. Through experimenting with various postures & stretching techniques, you will begin to understand your own body more – where you hold tension, and where you have blockages and limitations.

Not only will you become more mindful of your body in this workshop, you will learn how you can release that tension to create a little more ease in your body - and how through this knowledge we can begin exploring the progressions of postures such as Hanumanasana (Front Split), and Urdvha Dhanurasana (Bridge) and of course many more.

Break in the middle for lunch/snack.

19.00-21.00 Dinner at Picnic for those who wants!
Let us end a great day with a great dinner together at Picnic and get to know each other outside the yoga mat.
Cost for dinner is not included in the workshop.

12.00-15.00 “From Plank, to Pendant: A workshop on building foundation strength for your Arm Balances."

This workshop explores the fundamentals of stability and mobility for a range of arm balances - starting with postures like plank, and working our way through crow, side crow, crane, epk, flying pigeon, pendent, single leg crow, crane to handstand if you want...
Through understanding how we build a solid foundation, the practice can then be built upon.

Please don't feel put off by some of the postures mentioned, this workshop will be adapted based on the group of the day - looking at the postures that feel most relevant to the group - so come along and have some fun with us.

16.00-18.30 "Hands as Feet - Learn to Turn Your World Upside Down."

The aim of this workshop is to bring you a deeper understanding of the relevant anatomy and alignment principles of a handstand.
With a focus on the five key focus points of an inversion, and through practical experience of various skills and drills, this workshop will help you to obtain a solid foundation from which to build your inversions practice - leading to a more solid and consistent Inversion practice, and helping you to find balance upside down with ease.

About Dan Morgan:
Founded with a belief that the yoga practice doesn't start and stop on the mat, Dan leads classes that encourage a deeper individual exploration.

Dan leads specialised workshops & CPD Trainings, co-hosts international Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats, and also guides regular yoga classes when back at his hometown of Cardiff.

With a constantly evolving personal practice, taking inspiration from both traditional and modern teachings his classes provide a balance of strength and mobility, exploring the anatomical breakdown of postures to help practitioners achieve the breakthroughs in their own personal practice.With the ethos 'teach people, not postures' and a belief that every body is unique - he leads a practice that goes beyond the postures.

Having always used a physical practice as a gateway to explore the yoga practice as a dipper way of being, Dan teaches using Yoga asana (postures) as a way to ground into the present moment, and then as a tool to move deeper into self understanding, consciousness & awareness.

Early bird until 1 of June!
All weekend 2500 kr
Friday 395*/495
Saturday 1195*/1295
Sunday 1095*/1195

Price after 1 of June
All weekend 2900*/3200 kr
Friday 495*/595
Saturday 1295*/1395
Sunday 1195*/1295

*The lower prices are for members at Yogahuset

Send an email to julia@yogahusetuppsala.se with your name, your adress and the name of the workshops you wish to join.

We are looking forward to see YOU on the mat!
/Julia Ilke, founder of Yogahuset
Dan Morgan, workshop leader

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